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Check Cashing

If you haven't been to The Check Exchange to be able to cash a check we would need to verify the check and with that add the customer into the stores data base. To be added into the system we would need a valid photo ID, your social security number and your phone number. Once you've cashed a check you'll stay in the data base and cashing checks become easier with time.


All utilities (NationalGrid, Spectrum/Charter, Eversource) have a one dollar fee. To pay these bill you can bring in the stub or you can fill out the form. You MUST have your account number, it's essentially, with that you can put your name and phone number on the form.

Other bills have different fees depending on delivery time and what the brand is. There is a majority of brands on the software that is used but not all are present.

PMB Boxes

To set up a box at the Check Exchange you must have an account with us, to create an account you must have a valid photo ID, your social security number and your phone number. Then you will sign an agreement and choose your payment plan.

Nexis Cards

Nexis is a card that is set up like a secure bank account where you are able to use it for things like renting a hotel room. You can load and unload at both of our locations, with that the cardholder MUST be present when unloading a card. This is not only our policy it is Nexis' Policy and we wish for you to abide by it. To set up a Nexis card you must be in the system, and then be able to provide us with your Social Security number for your accounts activation.

Netspend Cards

Netspend was the previous card we had sold, but they are no longer for sale. Fortunately we still load these cards in store but you may not unload these cards at our facilities. 

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